SpecTec and Socius Ltd. donated AMOS software to Faculty of Maritime Studies in Split, Croatia

Managing a modern marine and offshore fleet has become more complex and demanding as compliance with always higher international standards and tight regulations. Vessel maintenance, trading and planning turned out to be extremely challenging tasks without the help of the appropriate education and software tools. Since the 80’s SpecTec understood the complexity of this peculiar market and supported the shipping world with its range of software solutions and consultancy services. In fact by means of the AMOS software (AMOS stands for Asset Management Operating System), SpecTec have been providing fleet management solutions for the modern seafarers. In over 30 years of existence, SpecTec have become an irreplaceable partner in the maritime business and its solutions have set standard for the entire shipping industry. AMOS supports control of operations and documentation in planned and predictive maintenance, spare parts and stock control, purchasing, Quality and Safety management, personnel management, and data transfer. Nowadays it is used by many key players in the shipping industry,Oil & Gas and energy market.

In the frame of a worldwide initiative to support maritime educational programs, SpecTec together with its partner Socius, have donated the AMOS software to the Faculty of Maritime Studies of the University of Split, Croatia; the initiative shall ensure a real hands-on education for the students, giving them the possibility to be acquainted with industry tools widely adopted by the market in order to gain a better understanding of their future working environment. The program shall also bring benefits to those companies which will enroll Croatian maritime officers coming from Split University. SpecTec and Socius will be supporting the Faculty for the successful adoption of the AMOS software in the school program. By this occasion, Management of Faculty of Maritime Studies in Split would like to thank donors with strong wishes for future collaboration in improving the quality of education of our seafarers.


Nikola Račić, Ph.D., Associated Professor

Source: Faculty of Maritime Studies, Split

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