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Socius Ltd provides consultancy and services in the field of shipbuilding, ship management, Oil & Gas, energy, transportation and defense. Our main focus is implementation and integration of Fleet Asset Management Systems including Maintenance, Procurement, Logistics, Crewing, Quality & Safety, Data Replication and Risk Management.

Majority of our staff has extensive experience in implementation of Fleet Asset Management Systems, integration with various third-party solutions and providing custom tailored solutions to meet the end clients demands.

We provide short-term and long-term IT support and services onsite, onboard and ashore, including the configuration of IT infrastructure, and interfaces with the bridge equipment and automation systems.


Contact details

Socius d.o.o.

Poljicka cesta 26/A
21000 Split, Croatia

Tel: +385 21 329090
Fax: +385 21 329091

  • Marin Sobin

    Marin Sobin

    Member of the Board

  • Damir Šikić

    Damir Šikić

    Managing Director

  • Damir Eterović

    Damir Eterović

    Senior Project Manager

  • Goran Leš

    Goran Leš

    Project Manager

  • Igor Šćepanović

    Igor Šćepanović

    Project Manager

Socius Mission

Fleet Asset Management Systems databases are our specialty; construction, migration from one system to another, realignments and data cleansing.

Socius also provides certified computer courses and tailored computer courses to managers and end-users, in our highly equipped classroom and at the customer site.

Socius Key Facts

  • Not only that we can offer a turn-key Fleet Asset Management Solution that will absolutely suite your business needs, but we can migrate your existing data and fit it into the new environment
  • While migrating your data we can: globalize and standardize records; cleanse your data; enrich your data with your company catalogues and procedures
  • We can train your office or vessel going personnel in a custom-tailored training session or provide custom tailored digital platform for self-training and self-certification
  • Working for 20 years in this industry and this particular niche with so many different clients which have different fleet sizes, fleet types, organizational cultures, level of digitalization adopted … we see the good, the bad and the ugly, learning from all of the projects we have worked on
  • Socius is using this well of accumulated knowledge and know-how from so many different projects and clients to consult our customers on the best practices in the industry
  • We have built more than 150 leading vessel planned maintenance system databases and more than 350 sister vessel planned maintenance system databases for various Fleet Asset Management Systems
  • Not to forget that we have conducted more than several dozen small and large database migrations from to various Fleet Asset Management Systems


The origins of our business dates back to 1998. when SpecTec founded its representative office in Croatia. Following admission of Croatia into the EU in July 2013, SpecTec Croatia became Socius Limited. Socius has expanded its portfolio with consultancies and services in the field of shipbuilding, ship management and Oil & Gas industry. Due to the extensive experience of our expert team, gained through the past two decades, Socius is a trustworthy partner when a company requires outstanding business solutions and/or special competence and expertise for a limited period of time.