Socius presents Maritime Cook Islands – open register for ships and yachts

A partnership between Socius and leading ship registry, Maritime Cook Islands (MCI), was formed in October last year.

As part of this partnership, Socius’ Managing Director, Marin Sobin, takes on the appointment of Deputy Registrar for Croatia and other countries at the East Adriatic Coast, and will serve the growing community of yacht owners in the region. His appointment underlines MCI’s move to strengthen its European presence.

MCI through an agreement with the Ministry of Transport, performs all flag State duties for the Cook Islands which operates an open register for ships and yachts via an international network of Deputy Registrars.

Yacht owners can easily qualify to register ships or yachts through membership of the Cook Islands Yacht Squadron (CIYS) whereas ship owners can do so through Cook Islands Ships Owners Association (CISOA). Ships flying the Cook Islands flag are required to comply with all of the international maritime conventions – no additional requirements beyond IMO Conventions and IACS Unified Interpretations are imposed.

The yacht registration process at MCI is simple and efficient, and can be easily completed with the assistance of the nearest Deputy Registrar. The same applies to the ship registration process.

MCI also issues Nairobi Wreck Removal Convention Certificates and Bunkers Convention Certificates to yachts and ships registered in non-State parties with valid Blue cards from an approved P&I Insurer. The online application process is not only simple and efficient, but can be accessed from anywhere in the world, 24/7 over 365 days a year.

Should you be interested in MCI flag services, contact Socius for assistance and more details.

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