Collaboration with Anthony Veder

Anthony Veder is a gas shipping company situated in Rotterdam with a long tradition and many years of experience in the transport industry. Their fleet of gas tankers is specialized in the transport of LPG, LNG, and other liquefied gases.

Our collaboration began 2019 with the construction of database for their Asset Management System for vessel Coral Encanto. Socius team delivered the database successfully after months of hard work.

Besides PMS database construction, our collaboration expands to assistance with Management of Change for the fleet within their CAMS. Ensuring a speedy response to their end users on land and onboard so they can concentrate on doing what they do best – shipping.

It is a great pleasure to work with the Anhony Veder team, so we look forward to our future projects and hope that our cooperation lasts many more years as we contribute and learn in equal measure!


Comment from project manager Igor on the cooperation:

I’m grateful and very proud for the trust Anthony Veder put into Socius and doing my very best to deliver the best possible service and justify the trust. This collaboration is a big step up for me and provides huge opportunity to learn and grow.

Simply, it is a pleasure to work with such a professional and experienced team like Anthony Veder.


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