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Team of highly skilled technical and nautical consultants providing consultancy and services in the shipbuilding, ship management and oil & gas industry.

Company History

The origins of our business started back in 1998. when SpecTec founded its representative office in Croatia. Following admission of Croatia into the EU in July 2013, SpecTec Croatia became Socius Limited. Socius has expanded its portfolio with consultancies and services in the field of shipbuilding, ship management and Oil & Gas industry. Due to the extensive experience of our expert team, gained through the past two decades, Socius is a trustworthy partner when a company requires outstanding business solutions and/or special competence and expertise for a limited period of time.

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Our mission is to pursue business excellence through a long-term partnership with our clients.

Our services

What we do in a nutshell
Fleet Asset Management Systems

We are experts in implementation and integration of Fleet Asset Management Systems including Maintenance, Procurement, Stock Management, Crewing, Quality & Safety, Data replication and Risk Management.

Planned Maintenance System Databases

We build databases for Asset Management Systems, including certification ready databases for Planned Maintenance Systems. We are specialized in database conversion, data migration, database realignment and data cleansing.

marine surveys and risk management

Our technical and nautical consultants are highly skilled for the hull, machinery, electrical condition and damage surveys, insurance and claim surveys.


Socius provides various Fleet Asset Management certified computer courses and tailored computer courses to end-users, land staff and seafarer, in our highly equipped classroom and at the customer site.

Our Team

Socius team consists of maritime mechanical engineers, electrical engineers, IT engineers, software developers, and master mariner with significant experience gained from various key positions in the shipping and offshore industry.
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Damir Sikic

Managing Director

''There is no such thing as a satisfactory result – there is always room for improvement.''

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Marin Sobin

Member of the Board

''We have a passion for the sea, ships and sailing and we are passionately committed to our work.''

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Damir Eterovic

Project Manager

''A wide range of experience in maritime, planned maintenance and database business is essential before starting the project to predict hidden traps and hidden expenses. We are always at disposal with a friendly advice for our clients.''

Goran Les

Project Manager

''Superior organization and methodical approach lead the best way to a quality product.''


Our consulting and expert services comprehensively support a large number of industries

Maritime Industry
Energy production
Processing and Transport

Our partners

  • Azimouthio Yachting Info

    Azimouthio Yachting Info

    AZIMOUTHIO Yachting Info is Ultimate free press Marine (Yachting, Sailing, Shipping) Directory in the Mediterranean and Middle East that provides Yachting, Sailing and Shipping information. It is handy, practical with functionally arranged sections for easy search, providing detailed and useful information, regarding professionals, enterprises, marinas as well as useful information concerning Yachting, Sailing and Shipping industry.

    With over 10.700 companies listed in the AZIMOUTHIO Yachting Info Directory, we have endeavoured to make the Directory as intuitive as possible for users to find easily whatever they search for.

    It comes annually in 35.000 issues and it is distributed free to all organized Marinas in the Mediterranean (Spain, France, Monaco, Italy, Malta, Slovenia, Croatia, Montenegro, Greece, Cyprus, Turkey, Albania) and Middle East (Lebanon, Jordan, Egypt, Kuwait, Bahrain, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, Oman, Emirates – Abu Dhabi and Dubai), as well as  to every Yacht docked. It is also distributed free to all Agencies, Management and Shipping Companies in Greece, Cyprus, Croatia and Emirates.

    Azimouthio distribution map 2019

    Well known within the marine industry, AZIMOUTHIO Yachting Info has established its reputation as a respected brand name which captains, crews and marine businesses can trust and access time and time again.

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    Socius is the exclusive representative for the Croatia, Montenegro and Slovenia, and in charge of closing new deals and distributing Azimouthio Directory in Marinas and Marine Shows. For more information or inquiry contact us by email adriatic [at]

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    Azimouthio Yachting Info
    Azimouthio Yachting Info
    Authorized Representative - Adriatic Coast
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Since 1998, Socius expert team has provided consulting and expert services to the numerous key players from Maritime industry, including companies from all over the world.


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Marin Sobin
Member of the Board
+385 98 432313

Damir Šikić
Managing Director
+385 95 9112203

Postal address:
Socius d.o.o.
Poljicka cesta 26/A
21000 Split, Croatia

Tel: +385 21 329090
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